Why Cricket is Love

Hey hey hey this is Drago Felagund here to talk with you!

Have you ever loved cricket?

have you ever wanted to hit that ball so hard it goes out of the fucking ground and everyone chants your name? Yes you do? Of course you do!

Have you ever played cricket with your friends and gone nuts every time you were applauded for you impeccable fielding?

Well, then you know how I felt like when India lost the match against West Indies.

I cried.

Actually I didn’t because I’m not a little pussy like you. But, you know.

The fucking West Indians fucking think they can do anything by just hitting the ball the fucking assholes. The douchebags motherfucking assholes are shitheads.

But we are good losers. *angry outburst of yelling!*

We lose, we win. Winning brings in celebrations and happiness. Losing brings in philosophy.

A billion philosophers were born yesterday. A billion of them. And all of them love their country.

Not a problem.

Love and let love.

Congratulations West Indies, good motherfucking luck for the finals.


Suck my dick, you bitches.

We’re fine. We’ve always been fine.


Stay Awesome!


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