Stage Fright

Hey hey hey this is Drago Felagund here to talk with you!

So I’ve become an extremely good public speaker, mostly thanks to my mom who pushed me when I was young to go up on stage and speak. Which I used to to fucking hate, because all I wanted to do was watch Naruto, play games(both indoors and outdoors) and fuck me some pussy. My childhood, people!

My anger aside, all that fucking exposure, the random humiliation turned me into one hell of a public speaker. You my call me one of the greats.

Bow down, you little pussies.

But I know a lot of people whose stage fright is epic. I can’t even fathom how hardcore their fucking stage fright is. I mean, they literally pee their pants when told to speak up in front of people.


How the fuck do you do it?


Anyway, so one method to solve the motherfucking problem is to, once again, not give a fuck. Once you start doing that, you’ll automatically… stop giving a fuck!

Act like you’re the boss. Y’know, THE boss. What you say is the ultimate. You’re the best at what you do. Even though you aren’t. And you call yourself a human.



Be as casual as you can be. Casual is the best way to interact with people.



Give them the fucking finger if it comes to that. Or finger someone, I don’t know where you live.


Live your life, man. Stage fright is just one of the things where it shows that you base your life on other people’s emotions.

Don’t give a fuck or get fucked.

Shit that’s so good I might make it my motto. Hell wait, it IS my motto!

Go rule the stage like it’s yours, my brochowskies.

My brohalings.

My brohohos.

But always remember one thing. To


Stay Awesome!


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