One for the Ladies!?!

Hey hey hey this is Drago Felagund here to talk with you.

Baby? Shit song. Any other song? Horrible.The singer?


Justin Beiber.

The object of ridicule and hate for about 3-4 years.

Lets try and analyze the situation.

When he started singing, I guess he was just a fucking teenager. To put things in perspective : –

He was a young pre – puberty teenager who was hated by the whole world.

jb youngass

Because he sang songs.

Things went hay wire from there. The apparent yet-to-shake-his-dick kid earned shit loads of money and could do anything with it. And finally, he hit the mother load.


jb 2

Now if I was a sexually excited teenager with thousands and millions of dollars, I would definitely go crazy.

Hell, I would live in a house full of pornstars. Every night.  Yo Justin, you should have done it, bro!

I agree he was irresponsible and shit. Hell, you were too when you were a teen. Who wasn’t?

He did take it to the next level though, that douchebag.

And I feel he has changed for the better. Maybe he stopped his dick-shaking! That son of a bitch.

Every thing is normal now, and he’s a full grown man. Any irresponsibilities now, and he will be accountable. No excuses, asshole!

Long live Wonderwoman! Shit she’s gadot


Henry Cavill for the girls.

sexy cavill

I know you get wet thinking about him, you dirty sluts!



Stay Awesome!





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