To not give a fuck

not giving a fuck

Hey hey hey this is Drago Felagund here to talk with you.

So you know when you are doing great or not so great and you tend to think too much. You imagine scenarios which will be impossible, imagine stuff about other people and things like that. You start thinking random shit. This overthinking can sometimes get you in a deep pit of self misery.

I have experienced this myself and have come to a conclusion that to not give a fuck about other people is the best way to survive in this extremely fucked up and offensive world.

Stop thinking about other people, bros! You’ve got to be your own support! That is how you’ll be able to live a complete and healthy and a full life! Trust me. When you stop caring what other people think about you and you do what you wanna do, you automatically become the True MVP. Yeah. You, the little shit, become THE MVP! HOW CRAZY IS THAT!?!?!

One more thing. Don’t base your happiness and sadness on materialistic things that happen to you or come to you. That will never get you anywhere. Once you are truly happy with yourself, that is when you stop being the little piece of shit asshole you are and start being the person you REALLY are. Apparently still shit.

happy fucks

Sorry for this weird post but I felt like going on a rant and thought “Why not sacrifice one silly post for one helpful post?”. You’re Amazing!



Stay Awesome!


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