Developing Games is Better than Playing Games!

Hey hey hey this is Drago Felagund here to talk with you.

I hope most of you have played games, or still currently play games. Not with chicks and men, stupid. I mean video games! People say that they promote violence, blood and gore to children but I say Nay! Fus Ro Dah to you haters!

simp fus ro dah

Cause haters gonna haters and ducks gonna quack.

But all of you have only PLAYED them. Now what happens behind the scenes? You never ask. Why? Cause you’re all pretentious little pricks, that’s why.

Here is the question : Is game developing better than playing them?? Who knows!

I’m actually on this topic because I just made my own game, albeit with the help of Coursera’s amazing course. But now I actually know what goes on behind the scenes of game making, and, in fact, have a game that I can proudly say I made myself. Something not a lot of procrastinators and lazy people can say about themselves.

I must say, the experience was amazing! I’m looking forward to making more games and getting in contact with more game devs. The thing is, I’m a huge gamer. So intense, that I completed Dark Souls.

darks souls

Yes. Bow  down in awe, young weak mortals.

As  you can understand from the above example, I DO play a lot of games. But one day I thought “I fucking know enough about games to actually make a pretty good darn game that people will play! Shit man, lets do this thing! Hell yeah!” And after doing a couple of backflips, slapping random people on the ass and calling my professor a jackass, I proceeded to game developing. And I FUCKING KILLED IT. I was so good at it man. Damn. So good that apparently Bethesda has contacted me. Even though they told me I was a little shit. But hey, at least I got the phone call. And you can’t even get a life.


So, for all of you gamers out there, here I am. A living legend. A hardcore gamer AND a hardcore game dev. Betcha you can’t do this, can you, eh? Go ahead and beat me at it if you can.

Get off your lazy arse and do something. Go, dumbass, go!

yeah game



Stay Awesome!



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