8 Things Smart people always wanted to do in their life

Hey hey hey there this is Drago Felagund here to talk with you.

I bet you know a lot of smart people. Maybe you count yourself as one. Do you? I don’t care. I don’t think you’re smart, you pretentious little bastard.


Alright, so everyone knows that smart people are probably the most comfortable people around tough situations and are ready to handle whatever comes their way, and are pretty much the complete motherfucking package. But are they? I, being one of the smartest people in this world, have come up with a notion that there are a bunch of things that smart people want to do in their life but they can’t due to their bloody fucking over smart brains.


Once again, like a lot of the previous times, I, the smartest person in the room(no, I’m not alone in the room, smarty douchebag), will pass on my superior knowledge to you amateurs and fledglings. Come here and bask in this glorious list : –

  1. The obvious one : –stupid 1 They want to be stupid! Simple as that. The race of smart people has, for thousands of years, has made fun of the inferior race of stupid people. But secretly they’ve always been jealous of them. Isn’t it sometimes just better that you don’t fucking care about whether its concentrated HCl acid or Diluted HCl acid or whether program 1 is better than program 2. Or why marks in school are awarded without taking into account how hard the person worked or his limitations. You just DON’T CARE. Arrogance is bliss, as some might interpret it that way.
  2. Live an unorganized life : –messy 1.jpg<> BET’s Rip the Runway 2011 at The Manhattan Center on February 26, 2011 in New York City.

    Yes. That is a major thing. And no, this does not imply that you being messy and unorganized in your life means that you’re doing some great social favor or shit. You’re just being a jackass. Anyway. Being organized and knowing what to do on that day, the day after that and planning for the whole week is definitely a strong habit(which you will never achieve if you keep wasting your time like a dickhead) but sometimes being laid back and acting like a total loser is what smart people want to do!

  3. listen to Wiz Khalifa for hours : –wizzy 1                               Admit it. This is near impossible even for a person like you.
  4. Being an asshole and a prick : –
    GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns In South Carolina Ahead Of State's Primary
    BLUFFTON, SC – FEBRUARY 17: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to voters on February 17, 2016 in Bluffton, South Carolina. Trump addressed the Sun City Republicans with three days remaining before the South Carolina Republican primary. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)


    What do I say about this, huh? What are you doing right now? Hey yo, what ARE you doing? Tell me? Why are you doing that? Ugghhhhhh- Get my point?

  5. Fuck up a situation badly and then leave : – Admit it. You all have been there. I knew it. You assholes. Anyway, you always get stuck in a sticky fucked up situation and after it has passed you realize that it could have been all avoided if that ONE guy had done THAT properly. Yeah, we wanna be THAT guy.
  6. Kiss themselves in the mirror : –hahaha

    You all did it at one point. Half  of you still do it. Some of you are doing it right now. You like it that way, don’t you, you dirty dirty sluts? Goddamnit Mark the mirror does not have lips. It’s made of fucking glass you piece of shit come back and read this post. Anyway. So this is the weirdest thing and smart people like getting all weird and shit. *winks*

  7. Killing someone : – Okay, I personally don’t want to do this*slowly pulls out gun from pant*. No. Don’t do it anyway. Even if you’re Stephen Hawking. Or a black hole. Not good, Mark.
  8. Be a pussy : –catified

    You all are pussies, but smart people are usually the go-to guys in most of the situations. For once, we would just like to be the guys who shrink away from our responsibilities and make a fuss about small issues.


It’s difficult being THE smart guy. You like it for a while and then after that WHILE has passed away you feel like fucking running away and shooting ducks. Or maybe becoming a duck. Ducks are my only love. Duck is love, duck is life. All hail Duck.

Give us some rest and do something on your own, stupid douchebags. Go read wordpress articles about us.

Quack quack you’re a jackass(no I’m not 15 years old. I’m actually 20 years old. So there.)


Stay Awesome!


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