Selfies are the best invention?!


Hey hey hey there this is Drago Felagund here to talk with you. I’m here to talk about true art. The epitome of beauty. That level which even Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci(and di Caprio) couldn’t reach. The level of being able to click…. perfect selfies!

Yes, the perfect selfies. Selfies, named after the world famous artiste Selfass Hole, are a form of art where the utmost care is needed to be taken. Not to far, she says. Not to close, he says. To the right. To the left. “Oh for god’s fucking sake, shut the fuck up you douchebags!”.


Guy proceeds to click a dick pic just out of frustration. Is it a dickfie, you ask? No, because that’s not a name of an artiste, dumbass.

I ask the most important questions once again. Has science gone too far? Will the Selfies eventually rule the world? Is it a virus or a.. umm… a good thing?(I don’t know good things in biology terms. Sorry, doctors!)

How do we unravel this mystery? To give a fuck or to not give a fuck, that is the real question here.

Do we make girls pout or push their ass out(in photos)? Do we make guys look jacked just for the right click? So many goddamn motherfucking questions, but no answers.

Looks like, once again, we have no answers. Only Lord Shia will reveal the answers. He shall inspire a whole generation to NOT give a fuck. Let us hope for the best.

May the best bad selfie by the biggest son of a bitch win.

Tell me what you think and share your most frustrating selfie experience down below in the comments! 😀


Stay Awesome!


Just for you bros. An introspective and artistic cat. Have a good day! 🙂




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