Fifty Shades of ………?!

Hey hey hey this is Drago Felagund here to talk to you. I was just listening to some random ass songs online, and I stumbled upon(yes, stumbled upon) a song called “love me like you do” from 50 shades of grey. And since I heard that that movie was releasing, i had forgone all faith in humanity.

I mean, first of all, what is the movie about? You wanna watch soft core bdsm porn with a slight story, just google it man, go to brazzers or some place. Don’t fucking spend shit tonnes of money to go watch a shit porn movie in a hall.

Second of all, whAYYY??!!!….. But okay. I have finally realized it’s the people’s choice, not mine. I agree, reading this post myself, I find myself to be a hypocrite, but well, fuck, maybe you liked it and watched it 5 times and spent hours online waiting for the booking to start. I get it.

Fuck a donkey in the ass if I’m wrong, but hell, I’m never going to watch that movie.


Stay Awesome!

(This post is by a user who doesn’t give a fuck and loves to laugh and make people laugh and sometimes make serious comments about stuff.)

Not for pussies and easily butthurt people.)


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