Indians are all part of the Illuminati?!

Hey hey hey bros, what’s up this is Drago Felagund and here I am to talk to you. So the T20 cricket world cup is going on right now and India, my country, defeated Pakistan, not my country, just yesterday. I’m not that into cricket and shit but fuck it, when you get to yell and party and dance with a bunch of guys just because a team of 11 players hit a ball harder or threw a ball better than 11 players of a different team, you just can’t say no.

Cricket is a huge thing in India, if you’re not aware. Lets say you meet a guy online(if you’re a girl. Or a man. Nothing wrong with liking manboobs, bro. Go for it.) and you want to confirm where he is from, but you’re afraid to ask him as it might seem like you don’t trust him. What you gotta do is ask him the following questions :-

  1. Were his parents extremely strict?
  2. Did he get beaten regularly at home
  3. Was he a pussy in school
  4. Was his school horrible
  5. Does he like porn
  6. Is he lonely
  7. Does he stalk women a lot
  8. Does he like cricket a lot and was hit in the balls while playing


Then you got yourself an Indian right there. 100% confirmed. Illuminati? Confirmed too.

Check with teh potatoe peple too.

Stay Awesome!


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